How do I sign up for partnership?

To sign up for being a partner, go to the partner portal signup page, and fill out the form.

  • Name: you or your company's name.
  • Publishing Partner/Curator/Nonprofit
    • Publishing Partner: you want to offer products for inclusion into bundles.
    • Curator: you want to curate bundles.
    • Nonprofit: you are a non-profit organization.
  • Email: your email address. An account confirmation email will be sent here, along with any emails from the partner portal and staff.
  • Website: a link to your website to help us understand what products you're offering.
  • Describe what you can offer the Groupees community: describe what you want to offer. The description does not have to be long, but should be clear enough to give a good idea of what your product is. Vague descriptions may cause partnership applications to be rejected.
  • You are going to offer the following product type(-s): what sort of products you want to offer.
  • Password/Password confirmation: the password you want to use to log into the partner portal.

Click the "Sign up" button to submit. You will receive an email with a confirmation link that you will need to visit to confirm that you have signed up for this account. After that, wait for staff to review your application and activate your account. They will contact you with details shortly.

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