Managing third party keys

If you are of rank Rockstar or higher, you can add third party keys to your purchases page and trade or give them away. Unused third party keys should show up when using the unused key filter.

Adding a third party key

To add a third party key, click on the "Add Third Party Key" button at the upper right of the purchases page. A popup will open asking you to input some information. All fields are required.

  • Name of Product: the name of the product you want to add.
  • Product Type: the type of the product you want to add. Note you can only add keys, not files.
  • Key: the key for the product you want to add.
  • Key Type: the type of key you are adding.
  • Key Source: where you obtained the key from.

You will also need to upload a cover image for the product. Click in the "Upload Product Image" box to upload an image.

After you're done, click on the "Add key" button and the key will be added. The key can be found under the tab for the type of product you picked.

Editing a third party key

Once you have added a third party key, you can edit the key as necessary. To do so, locate the product on your purchases page, and click "Edit Key". In the popup that appears, you can enter a new key to replace the original with. Click "Update key" to save.

Deleting a third party key

To delete a third party key, locate the product on your purchases page, and click the "Delete Key" button.

Revealing, trading, or giving away a third party key

As with any other product, you can reveal, trade, or give away a third party key. Please see the articles on product revealing and trading/gifting for more information.

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