I've received a trade offer. Now what?

When you receive a trade offer, you will be emailed (if we have your email address on record) and you will receive a notification about the incoming offer. You can view your offer in one of three ways.

  • In the notification, click on the name of the item you have up for trading.
  • On the trading site, go to the offers tab, and scroll through the list. The item with trade offers will show a "View offers" button with the number of offers for the item. Click on the button. If there are too many items.
  • If you have a tradeable items widget on your wall, a "View offers" button will appear so you can review your offers. Click on the button.

You will see what items are offered in exchange for one of your items. Click the "Accept" button to accept the trade, or the "Decline" button to decline. This will send a notification to your trading partner and clear the offer from your pending offers. If you do not want to receive any further trade offers from the user who sent the current offer, click on the "Decline And Ban" button. If you've accepted the offer, the item your partner requested will be marked as traded out, and you will receive the promised items on your purchases page. After verifying that the trade is completed, locate the trade on the "Completed" tab of the trades site, and click on the "Trade completed" link. This will open a popup where you can enter a comment, together with a star rating. This will contribute to your trading partner's ratings to help others see if they are a reputable trader.

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