How do I use Groupees chat?

Groupees chat contains multiple tabs, typically one for each running bundle, several global tabs, and private tabs, if any are open. Each tab contains a separate room, where live conversations can take place. In addition to text, chat features actions called "chat powers". These chat powers modify the text and avatar of a person with such powers applied. To activate the chat, scroll to the bottom of any bundle page. Chat is available on the home page, bundle pages, bundle page in profile, and on the trades site.


To post on chat, you must be logged in. Click on the "Join/Log in" button on the upper right corner of the page and log in or create an account. Once you're logged in, you can type into the text field at the bottom of the chat box, and press Enter or the send button to send the message to the currently selected chat tab. Any message exceeding 512 characters in length will be truncated.

To insert an emoticon, use the smiley button and pick an emoticon from the list, or type in the emoticon directly. The selection of emoticons change from time to time, so check the list occasionally for new emoticons.

From time to time, some important messages from admins may appear. These will appear in the form of a bar (typically purple) at the top of the chat box. Please read these types of messages, as they may contain answers to a commonly asked question you may have.

The global chats are the following:

  • Just Chat: talk about anything
  • Support: ask questions that need the attention of Groupees staff.
  • Trading: Arrange trades for your games and keys here.

You may resize the chat box using the vertical arrows at the top of the chat box. The horizontal arrows adjust the size of the chat panels. Dragging the handle to the right will increase the sizes of the side panels, and dragging it left will decrease the sizes. Resizing is not available if you're on a device with a small screen (such as phones).

Activity tab

The Activity tab shows recent purchases, trades, media uploads, and chat powers. Click the "Followed Users Only" toggle to see only activity from users you have followed.

Who's Online

The "Who's Online" tab shows the current number of users with chat loaded. You can invite a user to private chat by clicking on the "+" button beside their name. You can also search for an online user by typing their name (case-sensitive) into the search bar at the top.

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