I'm having problems with a game

How do I open this game?

Most games distributed on Groupees come as either an installer (EXE/PKG) or an archive (ZIP/RAR/DMG). For the former, just run the EXE file and follow the instructions. For archives, you will need software that can open the archive format. For ZIP and RAR, 7-Zip is highly recommended. On a Mac, you can double click the DMG file to mount it, and once mounted, there will typically be an application file enclosed, which you can drag to your Applications folder.

I can't seem to get this game to run

First, check the system requirements. You can find the game's system requirements by locating the game on your purchases page and expanding its product details. If your system matches or exceeds the requirements, check if you are using integrated GPU instead of a discrete one. If you are still having problems, please contact the developer of the game for more help.


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