Site features

Groupees is split into six major sections: landing page, bundle pages, user walls, the purchases page, new profile, and the trades site.

Top nav bar

On every Groupees page, there is a navigation bar at the top of the page. It contains a link to Groupees' landing page, and depending on the type of the current page, will either show a button for view the currently live bundles/tournaments and a blog button, or Groupees social links and links to the blog and FAQ page. On the right of the top nav is a "Join/Log in" button or your avatar and name. If you are logged in, you can access your purchases page, wall page, and account management features from here, along with notifications.


Landing page

The landing page is where you can see all currently running bundles, upcoming bundles, chat, and a place to sign up for the newsletter.

Bundle page

This is where you see the contents and buy a bundle. At the top is the bundle's banner, along with a countdown timer for when the bundle begins (if in preorder) or ends, or the number of bundles remaining for a limited bundle. On the right is the number of bundles sold (live bundles only). If the bundle is not in preorder, you will see the tiers of the bundle and their contents. Click on a product tile to expand or collapse its details section, where a trailer or track listing/preview, description, available platforms, system requirements, and developer/artist bio is displayed. Beneath that is the bonuses section, which shows the product and progress for a bonus that will unlock with more purchases (if present). Underneath is the purchase form, where you can pick the products you want and buy the bundle. Beside that is the recent purchases/top contributor section, where you can check out the prizes available and how much you have to contribute to get that prize (if any). At the bottom of the page is the chat box, where you can talk to other users live about the bundle or anything else.

User wall

The wall is a customizable page where users can add links, photos, music, videos, and other content. If the user has added a trading widget, you can also see what products they have available for trading, and offer your own items for trade.

Purchases page

This is where you find all of the bundles and products you have purchased, along with options for giveaway and managing Groupees Coins.

New profile

This area gathers the user wall and purchases page into one section. The new profile provides a place for other users to leave you messages, along with a new way to manage purchases and products.

Trading site

This is a dedicated site where you can trade products with other users. List your products from your profile, then create trade offers here. Any products from completed trades will be added to your profile.

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