What are trading/giveaways?

On Groupees, you can trade or create a giveaway for all unrevealed keys, products, and even entire bundle that you buy. The integrated system makes it easy for you to exchange or give away games, music, and other products.


With the trading system, you can list the items you want to trade out, and other users can offer you one or more item in exchange. You can list any game, key, album, comic, Groupees Coins, or bundles that have not been revealed. Items are transferred instantly after a trade offer is accepted.


The giveaways system allows you to create a custom bundle of items. They may include games, keys, albums, comics, and Groupees Coins. When you create a giveaway, the items will be bundled up and converted into a gift code that you can send to someone.

Third party keys

You can also use Groupees to manage and trade your own game keys. If you are of the rank Rockstar or higher, you can add third party keys to your account, and they would show up like a regular game on your purchases page.

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