What is product revealing?

When you purchase a new bundle, the download links and keys of the products it contains will be hidden from you so you can trade or gift products individually. If you want to download or get the key for a product, you will have to reveal the product. Revealing a product will prevent you from being able to trade or gift that product, and will also prevent trading and gifting of the parent bundle, so make sure that you want to reveal the product before clicking on the reveal button. Revealing a product cannot be undone. Revealing, trading, or gifting any part of a bundle will also make you ineligible for a refund of that bundle.

To reveal a product, click on its "Reveal this product" button. If you want to reveal all the products of a bundle, click on the bundle's "Reveal all products" button.


Key revealing works in a similar manner. However, it is being phased out, so in the future, revealing a product will also reveal all its keys.

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