Steam key is invalid

Steam keys you received may be claimed as invalid for several reasons.

  • You have already redeemed the key. In this case, Steam will tell you that you have redeemed the game already.
  • You have tried to redeem too many keys over a short period of time. Please try again after an hour or two.
  • The Steam network is down. Please wait an hour and try again.
  • Someone else has already activated that key. In this case, please check that you haven't given the key to someone else. If you have verified that you haven't redeemed the key on another account, please contact support.
  • The key was revoked. The developers who issued the key may have revoked it for some reason. If support tells you that the developer has revoked the key and has no further keys available, please contact the developer for a replacement, or you can tell support and we'll handle it.
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