Payment problems


Overall, PayPal transfers go smooth and fast, but sometimes a payment through PayPal doesn’t work. This is almost always a PayPal problem, and you should check the PayPal site to see what the problem could be at the time. If the payment went through, but you don’t see the bundle on your profile page, then please contact Groupees support.


Please enable third-party cookies, otherwise the payment box might not show up. If you encounter a payment problem with Amazon Payment that is not related to Groupees, then you should check the Amazon Payment page to see if any issues are known to them. If you make a payment via Amazon and the bundle is not shown on your purchases page, then please contact Groupees Support.


If you have been charged but do not see the purchase as completed on your purchases page, please send your transaction number to support. Otherwise, please contact Xsolla Support.


Coinbase is particular about the amount you send. You must send exactly the correct amount, otherwise it will mark the payment as failed. In this case, if you sent the payment from a Coinbase account, the payment will be automatically refunded. Otherwise, you should contact Groupees Support with the address you sent the payment to.

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