Your profile wall is your personal presence on Groupees. Here, your trade reviews are displayed and you can post messages for others to see.

The top of your wall displays a user's name, profile picture, rank/role, trade rating, and tagline. If the user has followers, an additional button will be displayed showing the number of followers. Clicking the button will open a box showing the followers, with the option to follow those users as well. On the far right, depending on whether you're looking at your own profile, is either an edit button for editing your profile, or a follow button for following the user. For more information about following, see the article about following people.

On your own profile, clicking the "Edit" button will open the profile edit box, where you can change your name, email, profile picture, tagline, and background picture. Click "Save" when you're done editing.


The left part of your profile shows a user's trade reviews. If you have traded with the user or is following them, you can leave a review here, along with a star score. If you are on your own profile, you can leave replies to reviews. You cannot leave a review on your own profile.

Recent posts

The right part of your profile is an area where you and other users can leave messages. You can write a message near the top of the section, and optionally attach an image or embed a YouTube, Vimeo, or SoundCloud media. After sending the message, the owner of the profile will receive a notification that a message has been posted to their profile. All posted messages are public. You may also reply to any message. In this case, the user whose profile you replied on and the user whom you've replied to will receive a notification about the reply. Replies are currently only nestable one level deep. If you are of Newbie rank, you cannot post on anyone else's profile except for your own. You cannot post to the profile of a user who has you blocked in chat. Click on a message's "Delete" link to remove the message.

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